Nam Dae Mun

About Us

Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market is a retail store services featuring groceries, prepared food, and housewares and household items; wholesale store services featuring groceries, foods, and restaurant supplies. We offer an incredible selection of exotic foods that you simply won’t find in traditional markets. Our goal is to enrich the lifestyles of the communities we serve, including many diverse ethnic families, by offering a wide variety of international foods, general merchandise and household items sourced from around the world. We are committed to job equality, job creation, career development as well as being an active partner in various community outreach activities.


We’ve come a long way since opening our first Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market in 2005 at 3825 Shackleford Road Duluth, Georgia. Ever since, we have expanded to eight more locations and continuing to grow. We also have two distribution centers located in Norcross & Lawrenceville. 


Our mission is to become your ultimate “Your Gateway to Savings & International Foods.”

What is Nam Dae Mun?

Namdaemun is the “Great Southern Gate” and the first National Treasure of South Korea. It is one of the historical pagoda-style Eight Gates positioned in the Fortress Wall surrounding the city of Seoul. Dating back to 1414, Namdaemun Market was established next to the Great South Gate to be a trading marketplace with commercial activities as traders set up various shops. Trade was active in grains, fish, fruit, and miscellaneous goods.

We are proud of our heritage and ancestry, and wish to share our culture and history with you.