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Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market is mindful of personal and social principles of the communities we serve. This requires open mindedness and innovation in discovering ways to take care of our neighbors and each other. We support multiple organizations with the contribution of our generous customers.

Red Cross Giving Day

Many, many thanks to Nam Dae Mun Farmer’s Market in Norcross (GA) for a donation of $11,304.55 which coincided with Red Cross Giving Day. The donation was a result of the flagship store’s 10-year anniversary and fundraising for Red Cross – Nepal Earthquake Relief.
(Pictured, left to right- Ms. Kathy Rivers, Human Resources Manager; Andrew Tatnall, Georgia Red Cross; Jay Kim, Chief Operating Officer)

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Hurricane Matthew

It’s the season of giving, especially for local organizations heading into their busy season with the holidays.
But this year resources are especially needed after the toll Hurricane Matthew took on Coastal Georgia.
America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia received a special donation to help them help others. Organization officials said the money they received is going to make all the difference in their service this holiday season.
Farmer’s Market Nam Dae Moon donated over $18,000 to the organization. They are based in Atlanta, with no ties to the area, but the manager for the company said they felt compelled to help out this community.
She said it was prompted by the news of Hurricane Matthew and the devastation it brought to our area.
“Finding out that there is still a great need and that America’s Second Harvest is doing their best to help all the families that continue to have needs,” said Kathedra Rivers of Nam Dae Mun. “But that they were devastated and that many more people, you know, still find themselves in need.”
America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia said the money will go toward funding their programs to end hunger in the area. They say the need is even greater this year after much of their resources were put toward helping people after the storm.

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( From Left to Right )
John Chung ( Duluth ) Mike Choi ( Norcross ) Soon Kim ( Lawrenceville ) Young Kim ( Lilburn ) Laurie Ann Kimbrell ( American Red Cross ) Young Cho ( Smyrna )


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Nam Dae Mun Farmers Market celebrated our 10th year anniversary in May 2015. Celebration was important but Nam Dae Mun took this opportunity to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake Disaster which happened in April 2015. Nam Dae Mun vendors and community sponsors helped raise over $10,000 to give to the American Red Cross. We express our sincere gratitude to our vendors and the community for partnering with Nam Dae Mun for this special event.

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(Only non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible to receive donations or sponsorships)